How I stepped further

After 2 years in HK, I returned to Bergen, Norway. I got offered to work at a local artist, Per Vigeland’s jewellery studio. I have learnt a lot from Per and sharpened the techniques of jewellery-making during the 5 years in this studio. 

For me the years in Norway weren’t only about working but also self-transforming as Norway made me grow a lot especially in terms of the capability of working with high concentration and efficiency, as well as independency. 

After Norway, I moved to Girona, Spain. I set up a simple studio at home. I started to develop more work collections and I participated in the Palo Alto markets in Barcelona and La Volta in Girona since 2018 December. 

After all these years moving around, I feel like I have finally found my home and I can settle here for good. I truly adore Girona. I am thankful to the city for having me.