Inauguration of The Sui Studio

On 17th December 2022, I finally opened the physical shop in Barri Vell, Girona.

The first time I saw the space was 1.5 years ago and I got the idea of opening a shop but at that time I wasn´t sure about the covid situation and the risks of opening at this critical period etc. And this year in April I passed by the space again and saw it´s still empty so I decided to contact the owner. I have waited until September for the confirmation. When I signed the contract and got the key, I felt so unreal. This was like the big step for me. It brought all the excitement and the nervousness.

It´s a very beautiful space with the big stone wall from the old town. Part of the stone is from the 2nd century. And there´s another part that even got fossil. The essence of time and history got revealed through those magnificent stones.

So the whole renovation we did it ourselves, me and my husband, with lots of help from my father in law also. From putting the dry wall, pulling the electricity cables, mounting all the ceiling lights, designing the interior for the display and studio zone, every details we did it. It took almost 3 months.

During those months, I got doubts, frustrations but seeing the progress bit by bit got me motivated again. I once thought maybe it would be just easier and way much faster to hire someone professional to do all the work so it would have saved a lot of time and energy. But it turned out I am really happy that we did it ourselves as we got to think into every little detail and design the space the way we wanted.

On 17th december when the shop finally opened, I felt really touched. It is an affirmation of my work these years. Now having the shop with the studio together, the idea is to create more personalized work or to be able to adjust the sizes or modify according to the people´s preferences, basically things I wont be able to do at the market with the limited space and tools. In the meantime people can visit the studio and have a picture of how the handcrafted jewellery is created.

This Friday 23rd December I am going to have an inauguration to celebrate with friends and families.

The shop is in the old town of Girona,

Carrer Ballesteries 22, 17004, Girona (in front of the bar restaurant La Terra)

Come visit me if you are in Girona!