Infinite lines

The first assignment of the jewellery course in the university in Hong Kong, I was asked to transform a small piece of brass into something three-dimensional. As I was playing around with the patterns of line, I started to constantly saw the lines and count the space in between to keep each line in order. Then, by turning it to a different direction, I transformed the flat square piece into a new form three-dimensionally. 

Two years later after graduation, when I started to create my jewellery, I first thought of this assignment and I was eager to attempt to turn this mini-sculpture into a wearable work. That’s how I started the collection of Infinite Lines. 

When I did the market in La Volta in Girona for the first time in 2018 December, some people told me this form looked very similar to a sculpture in the downtown. So I went to have a look and it shocked me! It looks amazingly stunning, just like the city. Gradually it got me more connected to this charming city.