Norway is truly beautiful for the nature. The mountains, the fjords and the northern lights make the country a special and unique place. 

From the city I was living for years, Bergen, up to the north Trondheim, Bodø, Lofoten islands, the views all along were stunning. Once I took the train from Bergen to Oslo in September, I saw four-season view during the trip. The green from the end of summer, the autumn tones of the woods then up to the high mountains there were full of snow. It’s just incredible how the nature there could give you that much surprises all in a ride. 

Once also in September we went up to Lofoten. It was a full moon night, I saw the full moon on the left side and the northern light on the right. It was mind blowing. 

Another trip we did was a long excursion from Odda. Our target was one of the most famous mountains in Norway, Trolltunga. It means the tongue of a troll as the shape of the cliff does really look like a tongue. We took almost 10 hours for the whole excursion but again the view along made it worthy. 

The workplace where I used to work is also one of the most famous spots in Norway. It is located in the World Cultural Heritage listed by UNESCO, Bryggen, which is a series of wooden buildings lining up the harbor. Every day when I went to work, I always felt amazed by those hundred-years-old wooden houses.  

Bryggen the view from the harbour 2017 spring
Bryggen, 2018 summer