Just a little ‘bead’ V earrings

Just the little ‘bead’ collection is to have the shiny beads as the detail to stand out the contrast.

The design is to symbolize the flower petals with the stamens in an abstract form.

It is the dangling version of Just a little ‘bead’ IV earrings.



Each jewellery is created in my studio in Girona. The materials used in the studio are all precious metals, solid 925 sterling silver and gold. They are all nickel-free.

There is a transparent coating on the surface of the jewellery to help maintain the color from tarnishing and the oxidized silver color from fading off. But be aware if the coating is scratched off in time, the tarnishing can still happen. Please have a look at the jewellery maintenance and cleaning here.

Materials ⎪925 sterling silver

Designed in 2018

Each work is handcrafted one by one. They are not mass produced by molding so each one is unique.

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