Simple matt finished white gold bands

In 2015 December, I made the first pair of white gold bands. Thanks to Per, my boss in Norway, who trusted me fully and let me work on the bands. It was a fresh experience to work with another kind of metal. White gold is much harder than silver, which means it takes double work and extra effort to form the shape especially. 

For the first time, it was very challenging but fun at the end. I did the matt finished on the surface and shiny mirror-finished on the sides and the inside. I like the rings to carry a bit of thickness so it looks more solid to match with the characteristic of white gold. But mostly it’s because the width and thickness of the bands looked better on the hands of that couple. That’s why for me it is always easier to design the wedding rings after meeting the couple even though I didn’t meet the husband at that time. 

The story behind is, the bands were actually ordered by the wife to celebrate their anniversary. It was a surprise to her husband. She chose this design after looking at a few rings models of different widths and forms. After, she told me the rings looked very good on them. I was very glad to hear that. Congratulations to them!