The first workshop in Girona!

After renovating the studio, I decided to start the workshop. A girl wrote me to reserve a date for it. It was a Christmas present to her mom. They both joined the workshop together. It was so beautiful to do something together with mom. And They both were so cute. 

So we first started with deciding what they wanted to make. For her, it was rings. For her mother, it’s a bangle. And since we got some time left, I gave her a bit more silver to make a ring to fit with the bangle. And I showed them the models of the designs that they could finish in 3 hours and they would be able to go through all the necessary techniques from sawing, shape forming, hammering, soldering and polishing. 

After choosing the designs they wanted, they learnt how to measure the ring size and calculating the silver needed. We then did step by step, through the whole workshop. 3.5 hours flew so fast. Their effort got paid off with their beautiful finished work. 

There was a moment, the girl was a bit reluctant to solder as she was worried she wouldn’t make it right. So I demonstrated a few times to her and stayed by her side when she soldered and told her to control the time of the fire and the moment to add the solder. At the end she did it! 

It was a very nice experience for the first workshop I did here in Girona! Thank you for joining and sharing your fun with me!