Hello, I am SUI.

I set up my studio in Girona in 2017 after moving from Bergen, Norway. Despite all those fruitful years working in a jewellery studio in Norway, I would like to start my own and move to a country with warmer weather and brighter sunlight (I mean more sunny days). The years in Norway have cultivated my aesthetic sense as the Scandinavian clean and neat style which subconsciously becomes my direction and consciously makes me pursue the tone and essence.

Since I was in the university, I have always been interested in studio art like ceramics, glass and sculpture, a form in which you can observe from different perspectives. In my final semester in university, coincidentally I enrolled on a foundation jewellery course. Up until very then, I had never thought of getting into jewellery, as I used to interpret jewellery as something just to wear or decorate.

Since the course I got exposed to jewellery art, I was fascinated that jewellery can be interpreted and expressed in ways rather than just personal ornaments.

In 2013 in Hong Kong, I started to engage in studio jewellery. I set up a basic studio at home creating jewellery from an idea or a sketch on paper to finished work in copper, brass or silver. Each jewellery work until nowadays is still created individually. I believe this is the way to give life and energy into the work.

What I like about studio jewellery is the creation process. When I have an idea, I make a sketch on paper which is usually a rudiment. I will then start to work directly with hands. I especially like to play with various forms at different angles. This enables me to think through my hands. Besides, the perspectival observation always leads me to an angle that I could never imagine from the sketch on paper.

Once I have decided the primitive form, I then ascertain that the shape and dimension fit comfortably to the certain part of body through the back and forth adjustment. So the jewellery piece actually reflects the design process, instead of just the result of a manufactured product.

The inspiration usually comes from the forms, textures and angles from the surroundings. They could be from the nature, architecture or interior space. I like to observe and then picture different ideas in my head. The way how I see those inspiration sources becomes my interpretation of the surroundings through jewellery. That´s how I design and create each piece.

THE SUI STUDIO is my project aiming to create pieces that are not only casual jewellery to wear on a daily basis, but also gives the meaning of jewellery to become part of the wearer´s personality who consciously choose this style.

Feel free to leave us a message here for any doubts. We will get back to you shortly.
The workshop is like a creative journey that you will be inspired to the design ideas and will experience the practical process of making your own jewellery. You will be introduced to the basic techniques of silversmithing and will be guided step by step. At the end of the workshop, you will have a piece of your handmade jewellery to bring home!