Stay minimal

After years of living in Norway, I like the clean Scandinavian style especially for the interior. A household that is organized can create a minimal environment. And I think the minimal style is not only for design but also for life. That’s why I like to keep things neat and tidy to have a minimal atmosphere. 

I remember when I was living in Norway, I used to hang an empty white canvas on the wall. At the beginning it was just for saving space as I didn’t know what to do with the canvas and I don’t remember how I even got it at the first place. When my friends came to visit me at my place, they were all curious why I hanged it on the wall while there was nothing at all on the canvas. With time passing by, the emptiness on the white canvas calmed my mind. I felt the calmness whenever I looked at it. It also freed my imagination. I could imagine every possible thing on that empty canvas. 

I guess that’s what they meant, less is more. The minimal design for space and things basically transmits this sentiment.