The ring he made for her

In April this year, A guy contacted me to reserve a date for learning how to make a ring. He chose to do the workshop on his birthday as it’s the day during the week and he could ask a day off from his work. He told me that he and his girlfriend were going to get married in September but this ring wasn’t for that or proposal. It’s just a ring he wanted to make it for her and present to her during their trip in the summer. I was so moved. 

He chose the design of the ring models, which is the one with a ring embedded in another ring, like 2 circles fit right together. When he finished, the ring got a bit defective from the soldering point. He convinced me that it’s even better. “It’s like life, nothing is perfect. The ups and downs are what make it interesting.” I admire his way of thinking.

A few months later, during the summer in August, he sent me a photo that he gave her the ring finally when they were up in the mountain in Alp. 

Congratulations to Marco and Natalia!