18K white gold bands For Marta and Francesc

In 2019 November,  a cousin of my partner told us they were going to get married the year after in August. They would like me to make the wedding rings for them. I was so happy for them after being together for more than 10 years and they decided to get married. 

We had a meeting and I showed them the ring designs I have got. The only request they have for the bands, apart from being pretty, is to be very comfortable. Since he works with house building and construction and she works as a physiotherapist, so they both work with their hands a lot. After the meeting, they chose the models they wanted. They decided the width and the thickness of the bands. I was excited to start the rings but then the lockdown came a few months after and they postponed the wedding to the end of the year. However the pandemic was like never ending. Then they decided to postpone until 2021 July. 

Finally on the day of their wedding, looking at them putting on the rings was very heart-touching. They had waited 2 years for this moment to share their joy with all families and friends.  

Congratulations to Marta and Francesc !