Golden feathers

In 2018 summer in Bergen, a friend came to the studio to visit me and ask me if I could make something for him and his wife-to-be with the golden pendant he got when he was born. I thought he was going to ask me to make 2 wedding rings but it turned out he got an idea to make 2 feather-like pendants which symbolized their freedom to love, to stay together after the things they had been through.

This kind of commission is very satisfying for me. Knowing the beautiful story behind makes the work filled with more passion. Besides, it’s also the first time I handcrafted something figurative which made it more interesting for me. 

When it’s done, I was very happy with the finished look, matt surface and shiny edges. Most importantly, he and his wife were very happy with the pendants which made the work worth it. Annnnnnd the work was indeed my wishes to them. 

Cheers, Oscar and Tamara! Lots of love, sui