Silver wedding bands

In 2019 Summer in Bergen, a friend asked me to design a wedding band for her and her husband. They have got married for a few years. Their old wedding bands were made of wood (?) I don’t remember exactly but it was broken so they decided to have the new ones. They wanted to have the rings in silver. So I thought of a few designs. At the end I chose this one. I made a model and presented to them. I explained them the idea –  both bands are of the same style, the man’s one is with a gap around the ring and the band is wider, and the wife’s one is with a wire all around the ring. And the wire matches with the gap. So the design idea is to show a perfect match. Both rings are of matt finished, the gap and the wire are shiny finished so it shows a stronger contrast and the idea would stand out more. 

It’s another work that made me so happy knowing the story of the couple. 

Congratulations Elena and Ricardo! Lots of love, sui